Historical Timeline


Timeline of Small House Policy

1898 New Territories was ceded to UK. Heung Yee Kuk was established in 1926. Its formal status was given by Heung Yee Kuk Ordinance in order to work with government to promote the welfare of villagers of New Territories.
1971 A review of the procedures for building village house was started
1972 Government announced Small House Policy
1981 The Village Expansion Area (VEA) scheme (to provide a better planning for indigenous villagers and cater for the housing needs of the indigenous villagers who do not own land) Lands Department was established in 1982 which is responsible for examining and approving the application of small house.
1995 Government reviews the policy (with minor adjustments)
2000 Government reserved land for building small houses in Tai Long Sai Wan
2000 Female indigenous villagers decide to challenge the policy (ask for the right of female indigenous villagers building small house)
2002 Government reviews the Small House Grants in a comprehensive manner-          Audit report found 5 problems about the grants
i) problem of indigenous villagers selling their small houses soon after the issue of the certificates of compliance (CCs) still exists
ii) Land Department does not check indigenous villager status
iii) if a villager wishes to assign his small house to a non-indigenous villager within the operative period of the restriction, he has to pay to the Government a premium
iv) discrepancies between the Small House Registers and the Approved list
v) long processing of small house grant; Land Department should expedite the processing;
the wording used in the performance pledge is not clear.
Housing, Planning and Lands Bureau was established in 2002 and abolished in 2007; was responsible for urban planning policy, public housing and the management and selling of public lands. The Secretary of Housing, Planning and Lands Department informed the Public Accounts Committee to review small house policy.
2003 Private land supply: government collected the data that private developers could provide about 4,500 flats
2006 New procedures for processing Small House Applications-  Early classification of straightforward and non-straightforward categories; A group called “理順新界村屋僭建問題工作小組” to handle the illegal structure of small houses
2007 Streamline small house applications to the Town Planning Board (TPB), and relaxation of Emergency Vehicular Access (EVA) requirements-          Government: no prior arrangement for transfer or disposal of the applicant’s beneficial interest in the land- Set up a working group to consider a rationalization scheme of UBWs in New Territories Exempted Houses
2013-2014 According to government, 923.9 hectares of land (Village Type Development Zone)   was reserved for building small house in New Territories. Villagers’ property right are protected within boundary of country parkRural area: private property right will not be affected (property right hold on land owners)



(land supply, housing)




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