More resources

The list below is a collection of resources that offer more information, details, explanations, and opinions about the Small House Policy. Many of the links below will take you to work that we used to create the overviews on this website. (Items are listed chronologically where possible.)

New Territories Leases Extension (Small houses) Ordinance Hong Kong Government,1988

Rethinking the Small House Policy Civic Exchange, September 2003

“Ending small-house policy may cost $28b: Civic Exchange” South China Morning Post, 1 October 2003

“Dubious rights and plenty of wrongs behind small-house policy” South China Morning Post, 23 September 2004

Background brief on processing of small house applications and review of small house policy Hong Kong Legislative Council Meeting, 28 February 2006

List of recognised villages under the New Territories Small House Policy, Lands Department, 2009

“Small Houses, Big Impact” URBANPHOTO, 25 May 2011

Building New Territories Exempted Houses Lands Department, November 2011

“What Will Happen to the New Territories?” Hong Kong Magazine, 13 September 2012

“Chaotic New Territories villages a recipe for tragedy, Zimmerman says” South China Morning Post, 27 January 2013

“Review land grants after boys’ deaths” South China Morning Post, 27 January 2013

Small House Policy II: An Update Civic Exchange, April 2013

“Civic Exchange calls for ruling on ‘unsustainable’ small house policy” South China Morning Post, 25 April 2013

“Complexities of small-house issue are no excuse for government to back off” South China Morning Post, 7 May 2013

North East New Territories New Development Area Lands Department, January 2014

Small House Policy: A Brief Investigation on Illegal Structures in Hong Kong Designing Hong Kong, March 2014

“Fixing the Small House Policy” Webb-site Reports, 9 September 2014

Building Safety for Village Houses Hong Kong Buildings Department

Flood Prevention: Long Term Improvement Measures Hong Kong Drainage Services Department

Heung Yee Kuk Ordinance

How to Apply for a Small House Grant Lands Department (this page is no longer active)


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