Villages in the New Territories of Hong Kong

Designing Villages is a multimedia blog exploring urban development and social dynamics in Hong Kong as it relates to villages of the New Territories, an area between urban Kowloon and mainland China that constitutes one of the three main regions of Hong Kong. The site is here to create awareness around social, planning and safety issues impacting villages subject to the Small House Policy.

This site has evolved into a primer outlining the complex of issues and debates surrounding the Small House Policy in the New Territories. We have included varying perspectives by indigenous villagers, expat residents, political authorities and social activists, and as you navigate the pages you will find relevant historical and current information regarding villages and the Small House Policy. In addition are a collection of resources that we have uncovered during our research and field study. The video interviews provide perspectives that are needed to gain an understanding of why the policy needs to be addressed, amended or eradicated. The Designing Villages blog was conceptualized by students of the International Field Program at The New School – Milano School of International Affairs, Management & Urban Policy and the Designing Hong Kong staff in a collaborative effort.

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